jaume compte

Nafas Ensemble

After an evolution in the format of the Jaume's music, in 2007 will unite the NAFAS Ensemble, musical platform for putting on scene the new aesthetic and conceptual phase of its music. The consecuence is a much more contemporary languaje leaving back more traditionals reminiscences. It has formed a coupling between these different Instruments sharing a single role and leadership.

With its music has played in several places. It's included the Fajr Music Festival de Teheran (Iran), Ethno Jazz Festival of Thessaloniki (Greece), in the Palau de la Música of Barcelona into the XI Festival Mil.leni with Maria del Mar Bonet, Evoluciona Music Festival in Burgos, the Mercat de Musica Viva of Vic, the Fira d'Arrel Tradicional of Manresa, the Més enllà de la Mediterrània Festival (Auditorium Caja Madrid, Barcelona), the Festival Dialectes (Espai Octubre, Valencia) along with Sabir, selected for Artistas en Ruta (Murcia, Alcoy, Sevilla and Palma), Cançons de la Mediterrania Festival of Palma several times, Castel of Bellver of Palma along the percussionist Glen Vélez...

In 2011 the Ensemble published TARIQ (Autoedited / Harmonia Mundi). They get an incursion into the song world with the specials colabotations of Francisco Albeniz (from La Busqueda), Marcel Cranc and Silvia Perez Cruz.

They are selected by Miquel Martí i Pol Awards in the V Contest Terra i Cultura for the best song in 2012 from a Catalan poet with the song Absencia (poem by Pere Quart).

In 2014 they reissue their work TARIQ with the prestigious English label Arc Music obtaining excellent international critics and the recognition as one of the best discs of “world music” of 2014 according to the specialized magazine of the US World Music Central.


In 2013 the Ensemble premiered its second album (fourth for Jaume Compte) entitled VODA dedicated to the Balkans.


Nafas Ensemble are:
Enric Pastor, violin and viola
Dmitry Struchkov, violoncello
Wojtek Sobolewski, double bass
Jaume Compte, guitar, oud and percussion