jaume compte

Jaume Compte

Jaume Compte is a musician dedicated to exploring the sounds and timbres of the Mediterranean, through the use of different instruments typical of this region as well as the Middle East. These are diverse in nature: string (such as the Greek bouzouki, the arabic oud) or percussion: the Persian zarb, or different types of tambourines as the darbouka, riq, or bendhirs. Jaume Compte's musical discourse, which combines multiple acoustic timbres, blends Mediterranean traditions with contemporary music.

2001 marks the release of his first CD with his own compositions, entitled COM A POUS OF MAR (Like Sea Fountains) (Blau-Discmedi, 2001) and begins a collaboration with the band La Búsqueda, with whom he records two albums: Las Cosas Que No se Ven (The Things That Can´t Be Seen) (Isladencanta, 2001) and Los Penitentes (The Penitents) (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2004). In year 2006 he finished ALÈ (Breath) (Temps Record, 2006), his second solo album, with the following collaborations: the Indian musician Shyam Sunder, the Cuban singer Odette Telleria (Gemma 4) and the Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach.

With his group Nafas Ensemble, he published two albums: TARIQ (Phanar Records/Harmonia Mundi, 2011) collaborating with singers Francisco Albéniz, Marcel Cranc and Silvia Perez Cruz; and VODA (Dtped, 2013), his latest album inspired by the Balkans.

As sidelines projects, he has written music for advertising, TV, theater and dance. Among these, the music for the contemporary dance Camina-caminarás (Walk- You´ll walk) of CIA Laura Girotto and Estança Carnival of the CIA Diverso Alaria stand out. He has participated in the soundtrack of the short film Es Venen Records (Records for Sale) by Pere Salom, along with musician Francisco Albéniz. This soundtrack won an award at the International Film Festival of Sitges 2000. In addition, Jaume has also collaborated with the composer Aranzazu Calleja in the soundtrack of the short film Éramos Pocos (We Were Few) by Borja Cobeaga (selected for the Oscars in 2007) and the full-length film Pagafantas, by the same director. In 2006, he began a close collaboration with the experimental and avant-garde songwriter Marcel Cranc.

He has collaborated with Maria del Mar Bonet in several concerts (in Istanbul, Quito, Meknés, Grec Festival of Barcelona, Raixa…).